In May 2023 “Laguna Coast Foundation” will organize a significant weekend event in Naxos island, where the opening ceremony of the “Artsphere” will take place.

Laguna Coast Foundation, aims to create the Aegean’s first cultural hub in order to create a link between the past and the future.  “Artsphere” is an innovative art fair dedicated to nature, life, art, civilization. The event will be hosted on an 27 acres islet, named MANTO and is connected naturally to land of Laguna area.

For this year’s inaugural «Artsphere»

The inspiration for the theme comes directly from the land itself. With new studies proving that Paleolithic activity took place on that particular part of the island, the 2023. Artsphere will be centered around the idea of human origins looking into the future.  Aiming to merge multiple creative disciplines, from art, music, fashion, and technology, the ultimate goal is to create a visceral, multisensory experience. 

Directed by greek born, Paris based concept artist DIONYSIOS, art installations will be in direct conversation with nature and reflect on the history of the land. 

Join our different world

The ambitious plan for the development of Laguna Coast has set the regeneration of the area under discussion and environmental protection as its primary actions, understanding the needs of the contemporary era for green development.