Existing growth model and its consequences

It is, presently, widely accepted that the existing growth model has led to the irreversible deterioration of environmental systems, the depletion and degradation of natural resources, overheating, and climate change. This, in turn, has created a multitude of problems and deadlocks that call for immediate action.


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Laguna Coast Foundation Fund

Our Goals

Laguna Coast Foundation aims at developing and maintaining a hub that will lead to the cooperation and interaction between different knowledge entities like start-ups, Universities and Research Centres, Local Authorities organisations, and the government. More specifically it aspires to:


Contribute to the shaping of the conditions that will ensure the green development of the high-tech sector.


Facilitate the green transformation of the business model and the technology transfer to existing and new businesses.


Practically support green entrepreneurship in all the regions of the country.


Provide training for the development of green business skills and support the national scientific community with added value. 


Assist in the effort to curb the flight of young, highly specialised scientists abroad (brain-gain)


Combine actions that promote green growth and the digital transformation of the country, following the requirements of the European Union and the European Green Deal. 

Through holistic approaches and integrated solutions, the new ecosystem aspires to become tangible proof that economic development, environmental protection, and social prosperity can be compatible. The novel economic activities that will be developed will fully integrate environmental parameters in the economic objectives and will thus become the models for achieving new growth standards and ecological behaviour.

Leading scientific teams will work closely together to offer recommendations and solutions to the real problems that Greek companies are facing in the production line. At the same time, regulations will be introduced for the gradual reduction of the environmental footprint of Greek businesses by 2050, as is already the case in other countries. The Laguna bank that we are creating will be a pool of applicable ideas that will enhance the sustainability of both the economy and society.

At a time when the debate about climate change and the environment is more topical than ever, the Laguna Coast Foundation bank initiative aspires to contribute to green growth and entrepreneurship by optimally using the productive capacity of its human resources.

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