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Why universities collaborate with Laguna Coast Foundation

Laguna Coast Foundation brings together a breadth of opportunities for collaboration that can be smartly matched to your research interests.

Academics can also access our business network and explore more opportunities for research with industry partners.


Create firm, long-lasting collaborations

Create firm, long-lasting collaborations. Being introduced to the right industry partner, or gaining their feedback, helps university teams find more effective routes to work towards a net-zero journey for the sustainability of their partners.

The research team database will comprise Ph.D. candidates and human experts from a huge range of specialisations, to get the optimal result.

All the above will be achieved through the utilisation of Living Labs in the formulation of research questions and assumptions and the transformation of research results into consistent, essential new knowledge for all stakeholders, researchers, and interested parties.



Laguna Coast Foundation’s match-making tool

Our unique and pioneering algorithm will introduce you to more potential industry partners than ever before.

Since our foundation, we are steadily building our R&I network and enhancing a productive collaboration between universities and companies.

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